Hydraulic/Pneumatic Cylinder Services & Manufacturing


Cylinder Upgrade Program

These procedures include conducting a root cause failure analysis when the cylinder first enters the workshop, the engineering division then design improvements for the cylinder, in both design and materials used with the cylinder's application being the guide for this upgrade, followed by correct seal selections suited to the cylinder's service.


Standard And Customized Design

Custom designed and manufactured cylinders are also offered to meet customers specific requirements. Why pay for high price imported cylinder, which has a history of early failure, when a custom designed and manufactured cylinder can be sourced sometimes at a lower cost, but always a longer life.


Contract Services

A cylinder contract program is a service offered to customers that includes maintenance outsourcing, e.g. cylinder removal from and re-assembly to the equipment, a cylinder parts management system, which documents each cylinder's service life history, thereby showing a total service cost, and maintenance scheduling, etc


Machines Seals

Seals are manufactured up to 400mm, using world's best CNC Machines. Thousand of sizes and profiles are machined some being same day delivery service.


Hydraulic System Design

New or a modification of existing hydraulic/pneumatic system to suit customer's needs.


Teadit Mechanical Packing Authorized Distributors for Indonesia



The name TEADIT® was first used in Austria in 1963, associated with PTFE products. The name received further recognition when TEADIT® International was established in Austria in 1989. In the early 2000s TEADIT® International was acquired by an international privately owned fluid sealing company, and TEADIT® became the global brand name for the Group. In the last decades, TEADIT® has been gaining increasing recognition in the fluid sealing industry, by focusing on technical expertise, high service levels and global presence, becoming one of the major suppliers for industrial applications worldwide.

Today, the TEADIT® Group of companies operates on more than 70.000 square metres of production area, laboratories, office and warehouse space, employing more than 1.200 dedicated staff worldwide. In Europe, TEADIT® has facilities in Kufstein, Austria and Cologne, Germany. Worldwide we are also located in North and South America, as well as Asia. TEADIT® North America is located in Houston, Texas. In South America, we have locations in multiple cities in Brazil, being Rio de Janeiro and Campinas the main ones. We also have locations in Buenos Aires and Bahia Blanca, both in Argentina. Baroda, India and Shanghai, China are our Asian locations.

TEADIT® products and services are distributed in more than 70 countries in five continents. This applies to Refining, Chemical Process, Power Generation and other industries. Our wide range of fluid sealing solutions includes expanded PTFE sheets and tapes, restructured PTFE sheets, braided packings, non-asbestos fiber and graphite sheets, metallic and non-metallic gaskets, ring joints, high-tech yarns, expansion joints, industrial fabrics and other specialty products.


Research & Development

TEADIT® is constantly investing in R&D to keep up with the evolution of industry‘s needs, as well as in modern and sophisticated production equipment, which allows us to provide the most complete line of industrial fluid sealing products. Our facilities use testing devices and procedures relative to its specific products. All facilities have individual laboratories and qualified personnel, both for product and application. In many facilities, we also offer product and installation training to our customers.

The operation in Kufstein, Austria hosts the central laboratory and R&D center for expanded PTFE products, while the facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil operates as the R&D center for all other products of the Group. Both R&D centers use stateof-the art equipment operated by highly trainedProduct Development Engineers and Technicians, thus enabling us to simulate normal and critical operational field conditions for rotating equipment, pumps, valves or flanged joints, making us a prime reference in our industry.


Research & Development

The wide variety of sealing solutions developed by TEADIT® have been an important tool for many industries in achieving the goal of an emission-free environment within their facilities. The quality and effectiveness of these solutions are based on total quality management and innovation, which are the basis for all products manufactured at any of TEADIT® plants. As a result of this continuous process of quality improvement, ISO 9001 was obtained in all manufacturing facilities of the Group. Some plants are additionally ISO 14001 certified. Please see the display of current certificates on the last page.

Other certifications like API and TaLuft - among others - recognize the care and the capacity that we have with our production processes, raw materials and final product quality.



The TEADIT® product line offers the widest range of products to the industrial fluid sealing industry worldwide.

  • Metallic and Non-Metallic Expansion Joints
  • Soft gaskets, metallic gaskets and metallic expansion joints
  • Proprietary packing style 2070 made from patented TEADIT® EG-K yarn
  • Braided gland packings
  • Expanded PTFE tapes, sheets, gaskets and membranes
  • Industrial textiles Ready-made packing sets
  • Compressed fibre sheets and flexible graphite products
  • Structured and expanded PTFE sheets

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